Javascript experiments

Here are some products of my experimentation. Some of these are old, some are ancient. Most of these will use the MooTools library. Please feel free to use any of the following ideas/code/whatever for your own use, personal or business - you dont need my consent. If you are inspired or use something from these experiments and use it in your own work then I would love to hear of it (leave a comment here).

Box highlight

Highlighting or focising attention to particular components on the screen.
demo download

Event Queue

Display a set of events or messages to the user as they work. Eg: While saving in an ajax application.
demo download

More Usefull Event Queue

Display messages and events to the user while they work in your web application.
demo download

Collapsible Control Panel

Run out of space on your page?.. Want a really jiffy looking sliding panel? Save space today!
demo download

Small JS App

A small web app I made to manage a portion of community info.
demo download